Thursday, April 19, 2012

Little kids playing in the grass

These little girls are very recent additions to the farm; not the one on the left ;)  They are only a few days old and almost could get lost in the weeds.  I'm sure the mamas will make it look like less of a jungle very soon!

These are Oberhasli dairy goats and both newborn kid goats are girls.  Rose (5) likes to feed them and play with them.

In the middle area of our site development we are planting an orchard with fruit trees and edible plants.  This is Kathy's area and it's right in the middle of the action.  It has very rich soil since it's at the bottom part of the bowl.  We are just beginning a very large fencing project with both temporary electrical fences and more permanent ones.  One trick to the contour lines is that they're not straight, so the typical country fences are not a perfect fit.  We'll still use "H" posts at the ends to provide strength for tension, but the wires cannot be stretched as tight.  More intermediate posts can help.  It is worth the trade-off because the trees will get a lot more water in the ground, and as the rows of trees and bushes grow they will actually serve as somewhat of a barrier.  The plan is to graze the cattle through the bigger alley ways (50' spacing) between the tree lines and rotate them daily if possible.  That is best for the grass, the cattle and the and overall.

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