Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bad Blogger ?

I said I'd be a bad blogger, but it's not for a lack of activity and excitement ;)

We're still at the big project with fencing, irrigation projects and a wide assortment of other farm projects.  Here's a few worth sharing.

The first couple of shots show the swales doing their job in a modest rainfall; catching the water, slowing it down and providing very good absorption.

We have all kinds of helpers ;)  This is Joey & Julia's puppy.  They are building a straw bale room addition to their cabin.

Here's a good shot of the Goslings.  They've been putting around and look pretty happy in Springtime.

We have quite a bit of sawmill work in process.  This week it started with small Red Cedar, then some big Cottonwood logs and lastly some large Walnut.

Here's the new straw-bale room framed and ready for bales.

Here's my cut of the lumber from the mill.

Sifting the clay to prepare for "cob" surface on the straw bales walls.