Thursday, January 19, 2012

Permaculture Blog Launch!


Just a quick introduction...  Last Fall, my wife and I took a Permaculture Design Course over the period of 4 weekends.  We were very impressed!  This is the ultimate answer to holistic farming and agriculture.
We decided to jump into it on our farm and want to share the projects as we go along.  There is a community of Sustainability and Permaculture oriented folks in Oklahoma who really want to collaborate and promote complementary activities.

We are setting up a Permaculture Learning Center on the property where we can have speakers, courses and workshops on the property and provide a "hands-on" experience.very interested in collaboration as we all learn how to work more productively and naturally with our land.  We are beginning with a fairly large scale "Keyline" project to "capture" and slow down water for improved absorption, which is the foundation for all plant-life to thrive.  From that beginning, we will transform the property by planting a wide variety of trees and other plants to create a perennial food forest producing ecosystem.

I will post links to you-tube videos and articles for general background and make announcements about the classes and workshops.

     Thanks,  Mike

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